1. How long have you been at FE fundinfo/Zenith? 

I’ve been with FE fundinfo for 3 years now.  

2. What is your role at FE fundinfo/Zenith? 

I’m a Product Consultant for FE fundinfo. 

3. What is it like to work for FE fundinfo/Zenith? 

It’s a good work environment, I often see people going out of their way to help each other. It is very heartening to know that we’re all rooting for each other to succeed. It’s nice to be a part of a team like this.  

4. What has been your favourite project at FE fundinfo/Zenith? 

My favourite project to date would be my first data feed delivery in 2021. Back then, this was quite a new process for us and there wasn’t a very thorough understanding of the product in our Australian division. So, I really had to pull my socks up and do some detective work. It was also a testament to the amazing culture at FE, especially my manager at the time and the global Product team who made it easy to find help when I needed it. We’ve come a long way since then which I’m proud to have played a key part in this.  

5. Tell us about your professional growth throughout your time at FE fundinfo/Zenith 

I started as a Client Support Associate initially and then transitioned into a Product Consultant role. Over this time, my role has continued to grow, as I now also manage the local Customer Support function. By using my deep product knowledge, I’m able to ensure our clients receive the best possible solution as we onboard them and that they receive support throughout their journey with FE fundinfo.