Access the expertise of our experienced Asset Allocation team and leverage their wealth of knowledge, data and analysis to inform investment decisions and build robust portfolios. 

Designed for private wealth practices, financial planning groups and small to medium-sized super funds, we serve as a trusted third-party adviser to strengthen and, at times, even reshape investment strategies. With our comprehensive analysis, meticulously curated reports and invaluable insights, we provide our clients with the framework, expertise, discipline and support needed to navigate the noise and volatility in markets and build robust portfolios. 


Our service offering

Asset Allocation Subscription 


  1. Dynamic asset allocation (DAA) report 
  2. Quarterly DAA review webinar 
  3. Macro updates & investment insights 
  4. Subscription to Mosaic, Zenith’s research and portfolio insights tool 
  • Investment Committee meeting & board presentation 
  • Additional asset allocation consultations 
  • Capital markets assumptions review 
  • Annual strategic asset allocation (SAA) review 

Customised Asset Allocation Advice 


  1. Dynamic asset allocation (DAA) report 
  2. Quarterly DAA review webinar 
  3. Macro updates & investment insights 
  4. Subscription to Mosaic, Zenith’s research and portfolio insights tool 
  5. Investment Committee meeting & board presentation 
  6. Additional asset allocation consultations 
  7. Capital markets assumptions review 
  8. Annual strategic asset allocation (SAA) review 

How our Asset Allocation Advice can help your business

Australian perspective
Australian perspective 
Investing in a global market is one thing, but understanding the local impacts for your clients or your business is another. Our strategic asset allocation provides unique insight from an Australian perspective. 

Depth of experience
Depth of expertise 
With nearly two decades of experience, we have a strong track record in both SAA and DAA across a variety of market cycles and economic scenarios. 

Data driven
As a data business, we have access to a wealth of investment and economic data and systems. This gives us the power to provide objective, interactive and customised asset allocation advice. 

Leading edge tools
As experts in our field, we leverage our proprietary StrategyEngine platform to test and build your DAA indicators. We treat every portfolio on a case-by-case basis to ensure investment goals and risk profiles are considered.  

Tailored solution
Tailored to your business 
We understand that every business and its clients have different requirements. We listen to what you need and take time to understand your business, providing the most appropriate bespoke strategy and project support to meet your clients’ unique investment goals. 

Resources & support 
You receive access to a wealth of resources and valuable tools to support and inform your detailed investment conversations. We keep you in the loop with regular market insights, research and reporting at your fingertips. 

Our team

Our Asset Allocation Advice team is led by experienced investment professional, economist and Head of Asset Allocation, Damien Hennessy. Damien has over 35 years of experience in funds management (CIO), asset allocation and investment strategy.   

Damien also supports our Portfolio Solutions team with macro and asset allocation advice for our own managed portfolios.  

Damien Hennessy

Head of Asset Allocation

What challenges can asset allocation advice solve?

Robust portfolios
Build robust and diversified portfolios 
SAA is a key driver of long-term portfolio performance; we help you determine the appropriate asset classes and corresponding allocations that will help meet your return and risk objectives. 

Navigate markets
Navigate market conditions 
Financial markets are dynamic and economic conditions can change rapidly. Adapt your investment decisions to market changes and make timely adjustments to portfolios with confidence to take advantage of opportunities or mitigate risks.  

Client satisfaction
More informed communication with clients  
We provide you with regular updates on the macro outlook for markets relating to any portfolio changes and corresponding performance outcomes. These insights are designed to inform your client communications, making it easier and more efficient to explain these important changes to your clients.  

  • Hear from our clients

    Zenith's Damien Hennessy is an invaluable resource to our investment committee providing excellent insights through interpretation of key economic data.

    Anthony Picone

    Director - Steward Wealth

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