Purpose of this Financial Services Guide

Not Independent

As Zenith Investment Partners may receive soft dollar benefits, we are not able to refer to ourselves or our advice as independent, impartial or unbiased. For more information please refer to our Conflicts of Interest Policy.

This Financial Services Guide (FSG) is designed to provide you with important information regarding services offered by Zenith Investment Partners (Zenith). This FSG should be read prior to using our services. The FSG will provide you with details regarding;

  • Our contact details and how you can contact us;
  • The services we are licensed to provide;
  • How Zenith is renumerated for its services;
  • How we deal with conflicts of interest;
  • Details of internal and external dispute resolution systems.

The provision of a FSG applies to all providers of advice as well as providers of other financial services. FSG provisions are designed to ensure that retail clients are given sufficient information to enable them to decide whether to obtain financial services from us.

The contents of this FSG is general information only and does not take into account any particular person’s needs or objectives. Zenith provides no warranty as to the suitability of the services of this FSG for any particular person.

Issue date

30 June 2013


29 September 2021

Contact details

Zenith Investment Partners
Level 34, 360 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel: (03) 9642 3320
Fax: (03) 9642 3319

Email: [email protected]
AFSL 226872
ABN 27 103 132 672

Services that Zenith is licensed to provide

Zenith is the holder of Australian Financial Services License No. 226872 which was issued by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) on 10 April 2003. This licence authorises Zenith to carry on a financial services business to:

This licence authorises the licensee to carry on a financial services business to:

1)    provide general financial product advice for the following classes of financial products:

        a) deposit and payment products including:

             i)   basic deposit products;

             ii)  deposit products other than basic deposit products; and

             iii) non-cash payment products;

        b) derivatives;

        c)  debentures, stocks or bonds issued or proposed to be issued by a government;

        d)  life products including:

              i)  investment life insurance products as well as any products issued by a Registered Life Insurance Company that are backed by one or more of its statutory funds; and

              ii) life risk insurance products as well as any products issued by a Registered Life Insurance Company that are backed by one or more of its statutory funds;

        e)  interests in managed investment schemes including:

              i)  investor directed portfolio services;

        f) interests in managed investment schemes limited to:

              i) MDA services;

        g)  retirement savings accounts ("RSA") products (within the meaning of the Retirement Savings Account Act 1997);

        h)  securities; 

        i)  superannuation; 

        j)  Foreign exchange contracts; and

2)    deal in financial product by:

applying for, acquiring, varying or disposing of a financial product on behalf of another person in respect of the following classes of products:

   a)  Interests in managed investment schemes including:

        i)  investor directed portfolio services; and

   b)  securities to retail and wholesale clients.

Advice on financial products is defined under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)(“the Act”) as being either personal or general in nature. Zenith does not provide personal financial advice.

When giving general advice, under the provisions of Section 949A of the Act, Zenith is required to warn you that:

  1. the advice has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs;
  2. that you should consider the appropriateness of the advice, in the light of your own objectives, financial situation or needs, before acting on the advice; and
  3. if our advice relates to the acquisition or possible acquisition of a particular financial product, you should obtain a copy of, and consider, the PDS or offer document for that product before making any decision.

How Zenith is remunerated for its services

Zenith provides services to wholesale clients via subscription to its website with regard to general advice and commissioned research. Zenith charges standard fees for these services which are tailored in relation to the depth of services provided. These services include:

  1. Research Reports: Managed Fund reports (Product Assessments), Sector, Market and Economic reports.
  2. Investment Consulting Services: Tailored for clients, customised by administration platform (eg. customised and pre-set model portfolios and managed account services)
  3. Investment Committee: Quarterly participation, tailored client agendas.
  4. Asset Allocation: Investment and economic research and analysis supporting Investment Strategy, Dynamic Asset Allocation and Strategic Asset Allocation
  5. Advisor Group Fund Development: Assist adviser groups in developing their own products.
  6. Recommended List: Comprehensive list of funds across all asset classes.
  7. Tools: Performance tables, charts, search engine, asset class forecasts.

How we deal with conflicts of interest

Zenith has a conflict of interests' policy governing the assessment of managed funds. This policy includes governance relating (but not limited to) the following issues;

Remuneration: Zenith provides services to wholesale clients (financial advisers) via subscription to its website. Zenith charges fees for these services which are tailored in relation to the depth of services provided. Zenith also receives fees for providing investment consulting services to clients.  Investment consulting services include but are not limited to provision of advice in relation to managed accounts, model portfolios and approved product lists. Fees charged in relation to investment consulting services may be flat fees or asset based fees. The fees for some consulting/ managed account arrangements may be determined by private agreement and take into consideration the overall depth and complexity of  services provided.  No fees charged are linked to any Product Assessment rating outcomes or the inclusion of financial products in portfolios or approved product lists.  Zenith also ensures that any discussions relating to remuneration occurs with appropriate information barriers in place.

Communication policies: Zenith’s communications policy ensures that relevant information is not communicated outside Zenith before reports are provided to clients. While fund managers are permitted to check draft reports for factual accuracy under controlled circumstances, recommendations or opinions contained within such reports are not provided.

Approval process: Research quality and integrity is maintained by ensuring all research is approved by peer groups and authorised by experienced supervisors, usually at Director level.

Material interests: Directors and employees generally do not have a material interest in any of the financial products on which it provides investment research. Should Zenith, its Directors or staff have any financial interests in such a product, action will be taken in accordance with our conflicts of interest policy, which includes mandatory disclosure of these interests in the relevant report, adherence to staff trading windows, declining to provide investment research or exclusion of any individuals with a material interest from the research process.

Associations or Relationships: Zenith has no related party or other association links with product issuers or fund managers. Conflict management arrangements are in place where Zenith provides research services to financial advisory businesses that provide financial planning services to investors and are also associated entities of product issuers. Any such relationships are disclosed in the relevant Zenith Product Assessments.

Dispute resolution

Zenith is committed to maintaining high standards of client services and accountability. Any concerns should be directed to us via the contact details supplied in this FSG. In the event that any complaints handling is not satisfactory, you may request that the matter be referred to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) of which Zenith is a member.

AFCA is an external dispute resolution scheme established to provide free advice and assistance to consumers to help them in resolving complaints relating to members of the financial services industry, including life insurance, pooled superannuation trusts, funds management, financial advice, stock broking, investment advice and sales of financial or investment products. There is no charge to consumers for any service provided by AFCA in handling complaints.

Postal address

Australian Financial Complaints Authority
Website: www.afca.org.au
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1800 931 678
Mail: Australian Financial Complaints Authority
GPO Box 3
Melbourne VIC 3001

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Zenith maintains adequate professional indemnity insurance in accordance with its obligations to Section 912B of the Act.