Bring your data to life with visually captivating and interactive web tools​

Unlock the power of your fund data with dynamic visuals of your fund information to help inform your clients’ investment decisions. Our digital solutions mean you spend less time on producing reports, ​and allow you to provide greater transparency and insights into your products, all in your own brand.​

Whether you’re looking for a digital fund centre, fund filters and pricing tables, charting and comparison tools, or digital portfolio analysis tools and fact sheets, our digital fund tools can help you showcase your investment solutions.

Digitally engage with investors at scale​

Simple and functional​​

It can be challenging building tools that deliver accurate data in an engaging way. Our digital solutions, powered by FE fundinfo, embed functional, attractive digital tools within your website to best serve the interests of your clients.​

Responsive designs​​​

All our digital tools are fully responsive for smart phones and tablets. We also offer PDF and HTML display options to satisfy every requirement.​​

Web accessibility​

These digital solutions are designed to comply with accessibility standards, making it possible for people with disabilities to understand, navigate and interact with your site.​

Cloud hosting​​

Our digital tools are hosted in Microsoft Azure, an integrated cloud platform. This makes it easy to back up and restore applications quickly and efficiently.​

Bring your data to life

Our in-house configuration platform reduces project timescales and ensures seamless integration of the data and your website. ​

We match your brand design, investment product range and features so you can put your best foot forward.​

We are constantly looking at ways to improve our offering through new technological advancements in the market. This ensures that you benefit continuously from the latest data, functionality and innovative solutions.​

Some companies produce software and import third party data while others collect data and outsource software development. This software is custom-built by FE fundinfo around the data they already hold, thereby maximising the potential of both.​

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