1. How long have you worked at Zenith? 

I’m into my 5th year with Zenith. I joined the group only a few months before COVID-19 struck, so I was still getting to know the business, our clients, and team remotely. It was a very different and unforgettable experience, and I’m very grateful that our IT team had already taken the initiative to introduce MS Teams across the business a few months before the pandemic.  

2. What is your current role at Zenith? 

My current role is Managing Director for the group, which provides a great oversight of the depth and breadth of not only what we do across our business, but also critically the clients we serve.  

3. What is it like to work at Zenith? 

For me, it's a good blend of an established, mid-size financial services business operating within an institution that provides global scale, knowledge and reach. We’re a part of the FE fundinfo group, which is based in London, but we retain our local market focus, with the ability to make quick decisions locally. We've got some institutional strength behind us, which from a client point of view, provides the best of both worlds.  

What motivates me the most in the role is the time spent with our team and clients more so than the late-night/early-morning calls offshore. 

4. What has been your favourite project at Zenith? 

There have been a few, though I would have to say Zenith’s acquisition of Chant West in 2020 ranks highest for me. As a provider of investment fund research services, advisers were often asking us for a view on superannuation funds. Chant West has a 20+ year history of providing this research to market, so bringing the businesses together (during Covid), and providing an expanded range of research services to clients was terrific. It also gave us an office location and team in both Melbourne and Sydney which is beneficial for a host of other reasons. The project itself spanned 4 to 5 months and there were plenty of learnings I took away from it.   

5. Which of Zenith’s core values do you connect with most? 

The one that jumps off the page most for me is teamwork. I get energised by spending time with people and believe the people you spend time with help you get better at what you do. This itself fuels continuous improvement, and that naturally leads to forming a quality lens for everything we put to market. So, while all our values resonate with me, teamwork connects them all.  

6. What type of environment do you want to create at Zenith? 

We’ve got a talented team, spanning a multitude of skills, experiences and backgrounds. As a business leader, I encourage strong collaboration (where appropriate in a research business), subject matter expertise and a sense of fun within our workplace. To add to that, I believe a friendly, transparent, and open team culture where people enjoy the company of their colleagues, is important. 

7. Where do you see the greatest opportunities for growth for the group? 

Well, we're seeing promising growth opportunities in many of our business lines. More funds are entering the market, attracting both retail and wholesale capital. Advisers are increasingly adopting managed accounts for their clients, and there's a growing interest in improved data services among fund managers, platforms, and other tech providers to streamline their operations. Looking ahead, I believe there's significant potential for growth in researching retirement income offerings for investors. While product innovation has been slow to start, it's gaining momentum and is something that's really needed 

8. What are your passions outside of work? 

Outside of work, my main focus revolves around being a dad to two energetic teenagers. Weekends are all about shuttling them to and from their various sports activities, which I absolutely love. My son is really into soccer, while my daughter is passionate about dancing and rowing. I'll admit, my expertise in these sports is pretty limited, but I thoroughly enjoy getting involved and soaking up the atmosphere. Plus, I always look forward to the post-match debriefs where I can learn a thing or two!  

9. Are there any causes or charities that are close to your heart?

Absolutely, three causes hold a special place in my heart, each one deeply personal and meaningful to me and my family. I've been actively involved with these organisations for over 35 years. 

The Royal Flying Doctor Service: I was a patient of the RFDS following an accident when I was 8yrs old and living in a remote mining town in the Northern Territory. Their swift response and care helped to save the vision in my right eye and I remain very grateful. The RFDS is uniquely Australian and provides vital health services to those in remote places, every day. 

Cancer Research: Like too many other families, cancer has impacted my own, underscoring the urgent need for improved treatments and ongoing research. Supporting cancer research is a cause close to my heart, and while much has been achieved, there’s still so much more to do. 

World Vision: World Vision has a global reach in providing ongoing basic services to kids in need of them and maintains a direct connection between these kids and their sponsors. This really resonates with me and I've been proud to support this cause for decades. 

10. Are there any words of wisdom you'd like to share? 

I believe in being opportunistic and committing fully to your decisions. Once you've made a choice, go for it wholeheartedly, don’t look back and own the outcomes.