1. How long have you been at Zenith?

I’ve been with Zenith for nearly five years now, it's flying by. Each year has brought new challenges and achievements, I've grown both professionally and personally since joining the team.

2. What is your role at Zenith?

I work in the Investment Research team at Zenith. Within our team, there are two divisions, and I am part of the Growth team. Our primary responsibility is the assessment of equities products, which involves rigorous analysis and evaluation. It's a dynamic role that keeps me engaged and constantly learning, as we delve into various market trends and investment strategies.

3. What is it like to work for Zenith?

It's been a real pleasure. We're fortunate to have access to a wide range of investment managers, each with their own unique approach to the table. The transparency they provide about their processes and perspectives is refreshing and insightful. Comparing and testing investment theses across different managers is always engaging, and it's fascinating to hear how they’re thinking about things differently. I find this ongoing exchange interesting and rewarding.

4. Tell us about your background before joining Zenith

Before joining Zenith, I spent four years at a startup investment manager in Melbourne. Although the venture ultimately didn't take off, the experience was invaluable. It provided me with deep insights into the mechanics of the industry and the unique pressures involved in startup boutiques. Those years taught me resilience and adaptability, which have been crucial in my current role

5. How has Zenith’s flexible working policy supported you in balancing your career and personal life?

Despite Zenith being based in Australia, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to relocate and work in Europe for the last 18 months. This move has been immensely supported by the company's flexible working policy. Because we service several global fund managers, it has made sense for the business and my role to reside in the northern hemisphere. This flexibility has allowed me to pursue my personal interest in travel and living abroad, while maintaining a strong work-life balance. It’s been an amazing experience that has enriched both my professional and personal life.

6. What has been your favourite project at Zenith?

My favourite projects at Zenith are undoubtedly the research trips. These trips, whether interstate or abroad, are brief but packed with meetings and learning opportunities. They offer a good blend of professional engagement and the chance to explore new places. I love to work in different environments, meet new people, and understand diverse market dynamics. Plus, the opportunity to tack a holiday onto these trips adds an extra layer of enjoyment, making these projects a perfect mix of work and leisure.