1. How long have you been at Chant West? 

I first started at Chant West in Feb 2009, so 14 years. 

2. What is your role at Chant West? 

My role at Chant West is Head of Product Development. In this role, I develop and deliver new products and product enhancements for our superannuation, fintech and advice clients. I work closely with business analysts, developers and testers to ensure our projects are delivered on time and to a high-quality. We’re a client centric business, so quite often I work with our clients to solve their particular problems or meet their needs. 

3.What is it like to work for Chant West? 

It’s always had a bit of a family vibe, although the business has grown, I still feel connected to many of my team. I also find it’s great that we’re all on the same page, we all care about delivering quality independent research to our clients. 

4. Tell us about your background before joining Chant West 

I started out initially as a programmer of actuarial disability calculations and later superannuation benefit calculations. From there I moved into a pricing and product specifications role for actuarial certification in a life company.  After qualifying as an actuary, I then decided to explore product management in group superannuation and pooled superannuation trusts, and later product development across retail and wholesale managed funds, super funds and allocated pensions.   

I’ve also run due diligence teams and been a business manager in a large wealth company where I had exposure to many strategic challenges in wealth management.  I’ve also acted in many roles such as Head of Product, Head of Platforms, Head of Non-advisory Distribution, but my real love is focusing on the goal of bringing new products and product ideas to market, which is why I always end up back in Product Development roles.  

5. How has Chant West’s flexible working policy supported you in balancing your career and family? 

When I first started at Chant West, I was only working a few days a week, but that quickly morphed into a “four days over five days” situation where I was able to start early each day and knock off at 2.30 to pick up my kids from school. This was great because I hated the morning routine of getting the kids ready, and my husband has such patience! This flexible working dynamic gave me the ability to effectively manage my workload and what was best for my family.