The current market environment hasn’t been kind to traditional multi-asset portfolios with bonds providing little offset in an environment where equity markets are being bought down by interest rate rises. Central banks are responding with the tightening of monetary policy to bring down inflation but one consequence has been a break down in bonds and equities correlation.

In this Quarterly Portfolio Update, Shailesh Jain, Senior Investment Consultant, is joined by Steven Tang, Head of Consulting, to discuss the current market trends and evaluate the performance of our portfolios.

Insight highlights:

1:00 – 1:58 Domestic and global fixed income market performance

1:59 – 3:01 Share market performance

3:02 – 3:16 Markets that performed the best

3:17 – 4:19 Zenith portfolio performance this quarter

4:20 – 4:56 Detractors this quarter

4:57 –  7:14 Changes to Zenith's portfolios


8.5-min watch