With the December Quarter and 2023 behind us, we reflect on the key drivers behind what has been a strong broad-based market rally. In our latest Managed Account Update, Head of Portfolio Solutions, Steven Tang and Senior Investment Consultant Shailesh Jain discuss market performance, how our portfolios performed and how our outlook is influencing our current portfolio positioning.

During this discussion, they discuss:

  • Market rally highlights: The market saw a shift from concerns about high interest rates to expectations of rate cuts, leading to a decline in bond yields and the acceptance of a soft-landing scenario by markets.
  • Asset class performance: All major asset classes ended positively, with interest rate-sensitive assets performing well, Australian shares rebounding, and challenges in China's real estate sector.
  • Portfolio performance: Strong returns were observed across our portfolios, particularly in listed property, infrastructure, and global small caps, although diversifying Alternative strategies lagged.
  • Portfolio outlook: The focus remains on the soft-landing scenario, favouring quality assets and areas offering value and growth potential, such as global smaller companies and emerging market shares.

Watch 6.5 mins