Zenith Mosaic

Mosaic is our flagship research and portfolio insights platform, giving you the ability to create your own portfolios and compare, filter and analyse investment solutions to meet the changing needs of your clients.

The powerful yet user-friendly platform incorporates leading-edge technology and quality user-experience design to help you deliver premium analytics and insights to your clients.

Mosaic’s continually evolving suite of tools and functionality is powered by our best-of-breed fund manager research program, giving you access to a growing list of over 4000 managed funds, ETF’s and LIC’s which can be filtered according to your requirements. Consensus stock reports on the ASX200 are also available.


Comprehensive investment research filters help you quickly find the investments you’re looking for. Create a shortlist, save your list for later, bulk download or simply print your list.

Portfolio Builder

Construct your own bespoke portfolio using our new portfolio builder tool. Monitor your portfolio performance, take a deep dive into holdings analysis and share your portfolios with colleagues.


Quickly visualise a snapshot of your investments through our user-friendly dashboards. Review performance on screen or download the reports to print or share with clients.


Conduct deep analysis across a range of investments in our Analyse tool. Compare performance and risk side-by-side, assess correlations and drawdowns, or generate a survey and export to excel.


Get notified of Zenith's research and consulting insights. Receive research alerts, sector reviews, monthly and quarterly market reports or find related insights for products and portfolios.


Analyse a list of investment products and portfolios, compare performance and risk side-by-side, underlying exposures by region, sector and key equity holdings, or generate a survey and export to excel.

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