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Save time on client portfolios

Our managed accounts provide a compliant time-saving solution to manage client portfolios. We’ve got platform-ready options with an excellent return history (Elite Blends), or we can work with you to build your own offering.

Best-of-breed investments

Your Zenith approved list is a best-investments choice menu of over 700 flagship products and is the result of many years of research rigour that includes over 780 fund manager interviews annually.

Hassle-free SOA inserts

Streamline your client review process with product profiles that can be easily collated and printed for SOAs. We also provide SOA-ready text templates such as our popular “Benefits of managed accounts to clients.”

Portfolios with our best ideas

We provide recommended and bespoke portfolios as both paper-based models (which you implement), or as managed accounts (which Zenith implements for you). Either way, you can benefit from our best ideas in a portfolio format.

Investment Committee

For 17 years we’ve been a trusted voice on advice practice investment committees. We tailor our service to match your needs, and can help you build a high-potential investment capability or a robust compliance regime.

Gain investment knowledge

We help you develop your investment expertise and lead client discussions by keeping you on top of investment developments. Our research portal provides fast and simple access to a digital library of unbiased knowledge. 

Strengthen your compliance

In an increasingly regulated advice industry, Zenith can work with you to establish a robust compliance structure. We can provide extensive reporting for investment selection and undertake FCS and MIS documentation for you.

Reports to help you

We dedicate significant resources to adviser reporting. That’s because your ability to communicate investment matters to clients with confidence and authority is underpinned by the depth and quality of reporting in your hands.

Education materials

We provide jargon-free and reader-friendly articles and thought pieces that can help create engaging conversations with clients and explain complex investment topics such as managed accounts and portfolio changes.

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