FE Analytics is a robust investment research and analysis tool powered by FE fundinfo’s enriched, ISO-accredited fund data with thousands of data points updated daily.

FE Analytics

Whether you’re a financial adviser, fund manager or asset consultant, FE Analytics gives you access to whole of market fund data and powerful analytical functionality to help you differentiate your offering, improve operational efficiencies and demonstrate value to clients.​

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Unparalleled fund data

Access over 15,000 financial instruments across a large range of investment universes including managed funds, ASX securities, investment bonds, SMA’s, superannuation (including industry super funds) and retirement income. Data types include performance, pricing, ESG ratings, RG97 fees & costs and original fund documents including fact sheets, product disclosure statements, TMDs and more.​​

Custom reporting

Choose from 150 data fields to tailor and customise your table report to your exact requirements, including custom font, colours, logos and other branding features.​

Easy access & integration​

FE Analytics is a web-based tool that can be accessed easily from any location. There's no need to install any software. It also integrates with most back-office systems which allows you to import any portfolios for analysis​​

Access whole of market data​

FE Analytics for advisers​

Analyse investment solutions, increase efficiency, and demonstrate the value of your investment propositions to your clients. FE Analytics is a single tool for fund research, analysis, portfolio construction, due diligence and ongoing monitoring.

FE Analytics for institutional clients​

Access whole of market fund data, track competitor activity and communicate your value to investors.​ FE Analytics is a powerful investment research tool used by asset consultants and fund managers, offering a wide range of planning, modelling, analytical, reporting and presentation tools.​


More than just a fund research tool​

Portfolio Construction

Build and track model portfolios and SMAs, and demonstrate the value of your proposition to current and prospective clients.​

Fund Comparison

Compare instruments against each other to understand the effect of proposed changes, or to compare performance against a benchmark or peers.

Interactive Chart

Adjustable and interactive charting provides a bird’s eye view on how an instrument has performed under different economic conditions and at various timeframes.

Fund Filter

Browse through an extensive list of financial instruments to shortlist funds, sectors or managers accordingly to your selection criteria.

Latest Fund Data

Updated daily, our ISO-accredited data covers managed funds, ETF’s, LIC’s, ASX securities, investment bonds, SMA’s, superannuation, pension and annuities, ESG ratings, RG97 fees and costs, fact sheets, PDSs, TMDs and more.

Alert Manager

Set automatic alerts to notify you of changes to fund documents.

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  • Hear from our clients

    We have long been a user of FE Analytics and have always been impressed with its performance and functionality. The interface has always been user-friendly and the software's features have revolutionised the way we conduct asset allocation modelling, fund research, model portfolio building and fact sheet generation. It continues to save us a significant amount of time and effort. Whenever we’ve had a technical query or run into an issue their support team has always been quick to respond and incredibly helpful in guiding us to a solution.

    Gavin Duckett

    Director & Investment Adviser - Newport Private Wealth