Sector Review Calendar 2021 - 2022

The calendar provides detail on when each asset class sector will be formally covered as part of Zenith’s rolling 12 month review cycle.

This regular and strictly adhered to sector review cycle ensures you and your clients are keep abreast of the latest asset class information. Zenith’s view on key issues facing the sector in addition to a complete list of funds ratings and detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis is contained within our Sector Review reports.

Sector Reviews Start Reports Published Sector Lead 2IC
Alternatives - Investment Bonds Jun-22 Sep-22 Pelin Demir Andrew Yap
International Shares - Emerging Markets & Asia Ex-Japan Jul-22 Oct-22 Tom Goodrich Adele O'Shannassy
International Shares - Global Long Short Jul-22 Mid Nov-22 Stephen Colwell Tom Goodrich
International Shares - Global (Hedged), Global (Unhedged) Jul-22 Nov-22 Quan Nguyen Stephen Colwell
Multi-Asset - Diversified Jul-22 Sep-22 Andrew Yap Rodney Sebire
Multi-Asset - Real Return Jul-22 Sep-22 Andrew Yap Rodney Sebire
Real Assets (Including Property - Direct) Sept-22 Mid Nov-22 Dugald Higgins Dan Cave
Alternatives Oct-22 Feb-23 Rodney Sebire Tom Bernard
International Fixed Interest Oct-22 March-23 Rodney Sebire Tom Bernard
Alternatives - Market Neutral Dec-21 Feb-22 Adele O'Shannassy Jock Allen
Australian Shares - Small Companies, Mid Cap Companies, Micro Cap Companies Dec-21 Feb-22 Stephen Colwell Harje Ronngard
International Shares - Listed Infrastructure Jan-23 Mar-23 Dan Cave Pelin Demir
Australian Fixed Interest Mar-22 May-22 Andrew Yap Bonnie Corbett
Australian Shares - Large Companies Mar-22 Jun-22 Quan Nguyen Adele O'Shannassy
Australian Shares - Long Short Mar-22 Jun-22 Tom Goodrich Stephen Colwell
Property - Australian Securities, Global Securities Mar-22 Jun-22 Dan Cave Dugald Higgins
Retirement Products Ongoing Ongoing Andrew Yap Rodney Sebire



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