Meet your DDO requirements with automated data validation and TMD creation

Thanks to our extensive capabilities in data, dissemination and regulatory compliance, our solutions, powered by FE fundinfo, help product issuers and product distributors alleviate the challenges of meeting regulatory obligations, while also helping you optimise your resources and reduce your risk.​

Following recent updates by the FSC, we're now producing TMD version 2.0 templates to ensure clients remain up-to-date with the latest requirements.

Automation customised to your needs​

Reduce compliance risk​

Our data and technology solutions minimise manual handling and the associated risks of disparate sources of data and separate vendors. We can help you establish in-built workflows and triggers to assist with your TMD review process in order to remain compliant under the DDO regulation.​

A true end-to-end solution​​

Data is at the heart of everything we do. ISO-accredited data processing teams check and validate requisite data as part of the collection process to ensure all static, dynamic, and regulatory fund data is correct before it flows through our document production solutions.​

Consistent output​​

Brand consistency drives the growth and recognition of leading global brands.​

The configuration tool gives you the flexibility and control in designing your TMD templates for consistent output in your desired format, whether in PDF or interactive HTML for greater digital engagement.​

Fund documents customised to your needs​

While we support the openfunds standard, we accept data in all forms and from all sources. So, whether you have data in a spreadsheet or from a third party, we’ll produce a single source of clean data. Your data is ingested using FE fundinfo’s Xceptor data processing paradigm model, fully validating each file to ensure accuracy.​

All user permissions are controlled and documents must be accessed via a secure portal. The portal documents a trail of completed actions, essential for any transparent, compliance process.​

Published documents are archived should there be a need to review them in future.​

Our linked dissemination service allows product issuers to leverage our extensive Australian network to efficiently and effectively distribute documents to key regulators, aggregators, and fund distributors, including platforms.​

FE fundinfo are leaders in regulatory document production across Europe, the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore. In Australia, we produce over 700 TMDs and collect more than 2,500 FSC TMD data points.​

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