Achieve operational efficiencies through automated fact sheet production

Our leading document production platform is powered by FE fundinfo and gives you the flexibility to configure and produce engaging literature in your brand and communication style.​  Automation capabilities allow you to focus on engaging with your customers at scale while conveying valuable information in the form of PDF and HTML documents, such as bulletins and monthly or quarterly fact sheets.​

Automation customised to your needs​

Designed around you​

The documents are built around your brand and requirements, ensuring seamless integration. FE fundinfo’s state-of-the-art configuration tool enables quick development and design of your documents, allowing additional fields to be added easily.​

Improves efficiencies​

This fully automated service increases efficiencies in your business. By signing off your fund data at source, you can eliminate time consuming approvals, freeing up resources to focus on your customers, and greatly reducing the risk of any errors or inconsistencies.​

Reduces risk​

All automated documents produce an audit trail that works in harmony with regulatory and compliance requirements. The ‘Data Validation File’ checks and validates data based on your chosen tolerances month-on-month, and ensures the data remains accurate.​

Any discrepancies are quickly flagged via a dashboard, eliminating the need to look through every document.​​

Better engage with clients at scale​

On ingestion, each data file is fully validated to ensure complete accuracy. The configuration tool gives you the flexibility to build branded templates with ease. The secure portal also allows you to review your documents before publishing in both PDF or HTML formats, to ensure its accuracy while also being able to meet the preferences of your customers.​

While we support the openfunds standard, we accept data in all forms and from all sources.​

So whether you have data in a spreadsheet or from a third party, we’ll produce a single source of clean data. Your data is ingested using FE fundinfo’s Xceptor data processing paradigm model, fully validating each file to ensure accuracy.​

Take control of how your templates look by using the configuration tool. Change the fonts, colours, table styles and preview changes instantly before publishing. You can even upload your own logos and fonts. HTML documents allow interactive charting and content display and are fully responsive for easy viewing on smart phones and tablets.​

You can access all your documents using the secure portal. Its user-friendly interface means training is not required. User permissions are enabled to prevent unauthorised changes and publishing, allowing for further quality control. The portal documents a trail of completed actions automatically, essential for any transparent, compliant process. Your published documents are archived for 10 years should there be a need to review them in future.​

Find out more

To learn more or to book a demo, submit an enquiry and one of our team members will be in touch with you shortly.​​​​