Premium managed account portfolios

The Elite Blends portfolios are our premium public menu managed account solution, leveraging our full internal capabilities in asset allocation, strategy selection and manager selection.  These portfolios invest in actively managed funds and are constructed with no targeted fee budgets. They're objective driven through all markets and investment timeframes and have consistently delivered above-average risk-adjusted returns since inception.

Zenith Elite Blends Portfolios

Our team

Leading the portfolio team for our public menu managed accounts is highly experienced investment professional Steven Tang. He oversees Elite Blends portfolio implementation, assisted by members of our portfolio support, data and administration teams.

Given the continued growth and scale of our managed accounts offering, we've established a dedicated Investment Risk and Governance function which is responsible for all activities related to managed account risk analysis and operations. The focus of the team is:

  • monitoring risk: identifying potential areas to address at a Fund and portfolio level through our institutional grade risk reporting
  • portfolio maintenance: managing operational requirements including managed account implementation, PDS review and rebate administration, and
  • governance: satisfying platform regulatory requirements at initial portfolio launch and on an ongoing basis.

This function provides our clients with the peace of mind that portfolio risks are reviewed regularly, and governance and regulatory requirements are being monitored by a focused, experienced team, which ultimately delivers more efficient portfolio management to our clients.

Steven Tang

Head of Portfolio Solutions

David Wright

Investment Director

Damien Hennessy

Head of Asset Allocation

Why choose a Zenith Elite Blends Portfolio?

Managed by our experienced consulting team, who have a deep understanding of creating leading portfolios to meet a variety of investment needs.

Powered by our leading internal capabilities in asset allocation, strategy selection and investment research.

Enjoy consistently monitored portfolio performance and rebalancing.

Rely on our best-of-breed reporting and portfolio dashboards to support your client conversations.

Tools & insights

Zenith Mosaic

With Zenith Mosaic you can monitor your portfolio performance, take a deep dive into holdings analysis and access our suite of comprehensive portfolio reports.

Find out more

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