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Dynamic ETF portfolios are a low cost portfolio option and a simple way to access a breadth of investments such as equities, cash, bonds, hybrids and commodities. Our Dynamic ETF portfolios are highly diversified, employing our best-of-breed, multi-manager approach. These low cost portfolios incorporate a broad range of exposures using a proprietary dynamic asset allocation (DAA) overlay to maximise market opportunities.

The Portfolios

Our team

We’ve been providing industry super fund and private wealth clients with DAA recommendations and investment strategy advice for over 15 years.

The team managing the Dynamic ETF portfolios is led by Damien Hennessy, a highly experienced economist who’s built his expertise over more than 35 years working across funds management, asset allocation and investment strategy. He’s supported by a dedicated internal investment committee, a specialist portfolio monitoring and rebalancing team, and a data analytics team, creating a robust portfolio management, monitoring and reporting process for clients.

Given the continued growth and scale of our managed accounts offering, we've established a dedicated Investment Risk and Governance function which is responsible for all activities related to managed account risk analysis and operations.  The focus of the team is:

  • monitoring risk: identifying potential areas to address at a Fund and portfolio level through our institutional grade risk reporting

  • portfolio maintenance: managing operational requirements including managed account implementation, PDS review and rebate administration, and

  • governance: satisfying platform regulatory requirements at initial portfolio launch and on an ongoing basis.

This function provides our clients with the peace of mind that portfolio risks are reviewed regularly, and governance and regulatory requirements are being monitored by a focused, experienced team, which ultimately delivers more efficient portfolio management to our clients.

Damien Hennessy

Head of Asset Allocation

Steven Tang

Head of Portfolio Solutions

David Wright

Investment Director

Why choose a Zenith managed account?

Wealth of experience managing portfolios for Australian advisers and institutional clients.

Proprietary macro market and in-house DAA expertise employed to build the portfolios.

Strategic asset allocation from an Australian perspective.

Investment decisions powered by sophisticated institutional analysis tools, eg. MSCI Barra.

‘Best of breed’ reporting suite available via Zenith Mosaic.

Portfolios which leverage our experienced investment research team to help identify the highest quality exposures to express our asset allocation views.

Tools & insights

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Gain a deeper understanding of how our Dynamic ETF portfolios are constructed and who the ideal client is for this style of portfolio.

Zenith Mosaic

With Zenith Mosaic you can monitor your portfolio performance, take a deep dive into holdings analysis and access our suite of comprehensive portfolio reports.

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