Instantly access high quality fund documents

Access and integrate large numbers of fund documents across your existing publications, applications and online platforms.​

You can access document feeds through a Data Feed Portal, which offers a simple user interface allowing easy integration into your systems and configuration with your existing tools. This means, you have direct access to FE fundinfo’s leading global library of fund documents, that is ISO-accredited and managed by more than 250 dedicated data experts.

Fund documents you can rely on​

Unmatched coverage​

FE fundinfo’s global database of fund documents are sourced from over 1,100 fund managers and covers hundreds of thousands of share classes. It contains millions of up to date legal and marketing fund documents in local languages checked by the corresponding regulatory bodies in Europe and Asia.​​

Save time & money

Sourcing fund documents from us means your team spends significantly less time and resources obtaining, checking and distributing fund documents.​

Timely & accurate​

FE fundinfo achieves the highest level of quality by accepting documents exclusively and directly from fund managers or authorised partners. Many years of experience in the automated processing of large volumes of documents makes this a trusted source that you can rely on.​

Fund documents customised to your needs

Quickly and easily obtain a complete and up to date set of fund documents including prospectuses, product disclosure documents (PDSs), fund fact sheets and target market determination documents (TMDs).​

We offer a range of different implementation methods to meet business requirements for maximum convenience and minimum technical set up costs.​

FE fundinfo’s global database of fund documents is accessible via a Live Service or by downloading database extracts in CSV or XML formats (snapshot feed). Direct links can also be created on your platforms to specific documents or to web pages in HTML format (HTML query).​

The service includes coverage reports, sophisticated monitoring tools and solid contingency plans to meet the requirements of your IT and legal departments. To support your marketing efforts, user statistics provide an overview of which documents are retrieved for which funds in which markets.​

Find out more

To learn more or to book a demo, submit an enquiry and one of our team members will be in touch with you shortly.​​​​​