In recent research by Financial Newswire to assess fund managers’ views of Australian research providers, Zenith Investment Partners has come out on top, rated by fund managers as the leading research provider in a tied result.

Consistently called out by managers for the quality and experience of its personnel, the team was also rated very strongly for their understanding of a manager’s business and products.

“The depth of experience and long tenure of members of the research team, particularly across our leadership team, is something that has consistently set us apart from other research providers,” said Bronwen Moncrieff, General Manager and Head of Research.

“The research also showed that the quality and transparency of feedback provided by our team to fund managers is also very high, which is a reflection of not just the team’s deep sector knowledge and expertise, but also our research philosophy which drives our process.”

The research also rated Zenith as the leading research provider in terms of its overall approach to research, including the quality of its methodology and transparency of the rating process.

More information on the outcome of the research is available here.