Zenith managed account client base continues to surge as adviser demand grows in the wake of COVID-19

22 Jul 2021

Zenith Investment Partners has launched four new managed portfolio clients on the MyNorth platform and a new client on Macquarie Wrap, furthering the growth of its customised managed account client base amidst increasing adviser demand for managed accounts.

Steven Tang, head of consulting at Zenith, said there has been a significant increase in the interest and use of managed accounts over the past 12 months.

“When you consider the flexibility, transparency and convenience managed accounts offer both advisers and their clients, it’s easy to see why they are growing in popularity.”

“Advisers are increasingly becoming more nuanced in terms of what they’re looking to offer clients – be it a focus on ESG or other bespoke client needs in portfolio construction – and managed accounts are very good at providing this flexibility.”

Cameron Dickson, Director of The Moreton Group, who worked with Zenith to develop a customised managed account on Macquarie Wrap, says that one of the many benefits that attracted his business to the structure was the removal of the associated administration burden.

“Zenith look after the implementation and reporting, including governance. This shift means our advisers are freed up to focus more on serving the client rather than back-end administration.”

Greg Major, General Manager at Blueprint Wealth whose portfolios are on MyNorth, said the portfolios have been constructed to cater to a wide variety of client risk profiles, ranging from conservative to high growth.

“Zenith is able to leverage its proprietary research knowledge to construct portfolios, and has a dedicated portfolio implementation team that monitors and executes the agreed portfolio changes efficiently. This attention to detail ensures our client’s best interests are looked after.”

Mr Tang added that COVID-19 had been a game changer for the take up of managed accounts.

“During the March 2020 market fall, when there were significant levels of draw-down by investors, advisers working with a managed accounts structure were able to rebalance all clients seamlessly and efficiently, including all the associated reporting. This result simply would not have been achievable with a model portfolio structure.”

“Over the next 12 months, the expectation is for even greater uptake in managed accounts, particularly as responsible investing continues to attract such a large volume of enquiries.”

In addition to its customised solutions, Zenith manages a range of publicly available managed accounts. The Zenith Essentials portfolios are available on the MyNorth, BT Panorama, Hub24 and Netwealth platforms. These portfolios provide exposure to a diversified range of quality active fund managers while lowering the overall portfolio cost through the inclusion of lower cost strategies.

Also available on MyNorth, BT Panorama and Hub24 are Zenith’s Elite Blends premium portfolio suite, leveraging its best insights into investment markets and strength in manager selection. 

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