Zenith Investment Partners acquires asset allocation specialist

16 Mar 2021

Zenith Investment Partners has announced the acquisition of Heuristic Investment Systems from its management.

Heuristic Investment Systems (Heuristics) has been delivering investment strategy and asset allocation consulting services to its wholesale clients since 2003. Leveraging off its proprietary StrategyEngine platform, the business provides an objective and data-driven dynamic asset allocation service to its clients.

The Heuristics team will join Zenith Investment Partners as a separate business unit managed by Damien Hennessy, reporting directly into Zenith CEO, David Wright. While the businesses collectively work through the integration plan, David said the aim is to have the team sitting within the Zenith business by the end of the month.

“We’re really pleased to have such a respected and highly experienced team join our business,” David said. “We’ve known Damien for some time and recognise his unique skills and those of the team in developing and executing on strategic and tactical asset allocation strategies.  They’ll be an excellent complement to the current suite of services offered to our broadening client base.”

Heuristics CEO and Director, Damien Hennessy, said they were looking forward to working with the Zenith team on expanding their offering and its availability to varying clients.

“Our new chapter with Zenith provides access to greater resources to better service our institutional clients, while providing opportunities to make this service available to Zenith’s existing and prospective clients. While Heuristics clients will enjoy the same high quality, tailored investment strategy and asset allocation support, they’ll benefit from Zenith’s resourcing and back-end infrastructure to ensure the team can continue to meet their diverse and changing needs.”

In further comment on the acquisition, David Wright said that since Zenith’s acquisition of Chant West in mid-2020, the business has continued to explore opportunities to expand their service offering for clients, across the wealth management and superannuation markets. “With ongoing change impacting advisers, super funds and platforms, including their clients and members directly, we believe proven providers of relevant services, at scale, will continue to be a valuable relationship for professionals across the market,” he said.

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