Given the continued growth and scale of its managed accounts business, Zenith Investment Partners has made the decision to expand its Consulting division to include a dedicated Investment Risk and Governance function. This new function will be responsible for all activities related to managed account risk analysis and operations. The team will be led by James Damicoucas who has been promoted from the position of Consultant to Investment Risk and Governance Manager, supported by Senior Analyst – Investment Risk & Governance, Sara Nguyen. 

James and his team will be responsible for: 

  • identifying potential areas to address at a Fund and portfolio level through institutional grade risk reporting 
  • operational aspects related to managed accounts including implementation, PDS review, rebate administration, etc. and,  
  • satisfying platform regulatory requirements at initial portfolio launch and ongoing requests. 

In creating this new division within the Consulting Team, we have kept our clients at the forefront of our minds, with a focus around how we can best enhance their experience. 

The business believes the new Investment Risk & Governance team offers clients: 

  • comfort that a dedicated team is periodically reviewing their portfolio risks and funds for early identification of any outliers that may compromise performance if left unattended 
  • a dedicated consultant with additional capacity, which will alleviate their core consultant of  investment risk & governance duties, giving them more time to dedicate to client service and portfolio management 
  • enhanced institutional grade risk reporting and analysis to support the investment decision making process 
  • more efficient management of portfolios given the dedicated focus of the Investment Risk & Governance team and close working relationship with all platforms, and 
  • the confidence that portfolio governance and regulatory requirements are dealt with by a team that’s well experienced in platform due diligence requests.